Photography & Words

Staged Photography. The uncanny performance of life in late capitalism

Developed an aesthetics of playful chaos & rococo indulgence. A simulacra of American late-capitalist aristocracy. The uncanny performance of what life looks like when things fall apart. Shot on film.


craft, nomadism, and basketball shoes paint a picture of modern China.

Article about the rise of Tibetan craft markets in Western China for Wanderlust Magazine.


Adhocracy Reigns in Bangkok, For Now. The inadvertent city under threat.

An article about urban fluidity for Wanderlust Magazine in Thailand


In the field

The best lessons are found in uncertainty

Building a complex, richer, and more nuanced understanding of the world and its people. Traveled and worked across Thailand, China, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Nepal, Japan, Dubai, Qatar, and Korea.