Business Prototypes

Research & Prototype Menswear Collection

Traditional Textiles in a Modern Context

During my collaborative learning experiences across Southeast Asia, I collected fabrics and samples, and designed prototypes. I started with the fabric — bought in the markets of Hanoi, Mumbai, Bangkok — and drew up rough sketches for silhouettes. I then collaborated with multiple tailors to realize the idea. In one prototype, I worked with artisans of a women's cooperative in Sakon Nakon Thailand to specially design the woven pattern and indigo dye. These clothes represent playful experiments; an exploration into the act of making and co-creating with traditional techniques.


Learning in the Field


Over two years abroad I visited many small collectives that practice traditional craft making.I dealt with problems supply-chain pressure, financing, and lack of demand. I left determined to help traditional processes, fabrics, knowledge, folklore, and ways of life thrive in a 21-century economy.

I often found these communities by working with groups like Fashion 4 Freedom and Nest, groups that support artisans by connecting them to capital and business opportunities. Sometimes I offered website and social media guidance in exchange for the opportunity to learn from the artisans directly; collaborating to make a unique artifact with some visits. I met with silk makers in Varanasi India, wood carvers in Hue Vietnam, hand-spun cotton producers in Laos, and natural indigo dye co-ops in northern Thailand. Each technique possesses immense cultural value. Crucially,

Business Prototypes: Gluestick


In a recent project for Parsons Strategic Design and Management masters, our team started with a simple problem: how do we meet people who are different then we are? How can we build something that sticks us together? We designed a business model focused on bringing strangers together to share strange, fun, unexpected events.  ]A swipe app that could unlock any city. After more than 65 interviews with New York residents age 22-38, we devised a platform for hosting and attending events with new people that was safe, innovative, and, crucially, non-transactional.